Welcome To Team Carpenter!

"Nobody Wins Unless Everybody Wins!"

Attention Boys and Girls Ages 8-14

Team Carpenter, an all volunteer group of Christ followers who are offering a beginner & intermediate track team during the Spring (March, April, May) and a separate Fall (August, Sept, Oct) youth cross country team. (We do lot's of other fun activities in addition to running when track and cross country is not in season!) We invite you to considering joining! No previous experience required, just a desire to learn and have fun!  We believe that we must work together so that we all can achieve personal victories….Nobody wins unless everybody wins!!”


What is Team Carpenter? We are a faith based group committed to fulfilling our mission of spreading the “good news” of Jesus through healthy, character building and fun family oriented sports, recreation and wellness programs.  We don’t preach, we just “act” like Christians.  We are open to anyone of any faith….you don’t have to be a Christian…. we would love to share the joy of being active and living a healthy lifestyle with you and your family!!!


Some of our goals for our team members are:

1. Have fun!

2. Learn about teamwork by being part of a team!

3. Learn the fundamentals of track and field or cross country!

4. Set personal goals and learn how to achieve them!  To celebrate the gift of life and healthy Christian living.

5. Make new friends and how to get along with others! 

6. To follow Christian principles of love, honesty, caring, responsibility and  respect.

  Fun Facts About Our Team:

3 practices per week will be offered 6:30-7:45pm and will be held Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. (Days subject to change, additional days may be offered) Practice locations will include Church grounds, Lions Park, Kendall Hills and pre-meet practices at meet locations.  A complete schedule will be available at our introductory meeting. (Once meets begin practices may be reduced)

We will have our team members participate in kids cross country/track meets in the greater Akron area that will be held on Sunday afternoons  We once again are running the ATC Youth Track / Cross Country Leagues! 

Our groups are broken down this way for our Spring Track Meets and our Fall Cross Country meets..

_______ Division I - 13/14 (8th grade & under)

_______ Division II - 11/12 (6th grade & under)

_______ Division III - 10 & under (4th grade & under)

_______ Division IV - 8 & under and ATC athletes and partners

_______ Division V - 6 & under

Feel free to email Coach Cooper at DavidCooper@TallmadgeNazarene.org for more information.





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